choose ZIMM, you not only get a strong partner, but also choose the number one in Europe. The drive element of each ZIMM screw jack contains50years of professional experience. since1991For years we have been systematically pooling our expertise in modular systems to meet your requirements as a customer faster, more precisely and more reliably than you can expect.ZIMM My claim is to relentlessly improve our gear and take pride in our success. this is also ZIMM The reason why it can become the market leader of screw jacks in Europe and the reason why it is a popular supplier in the world. trust ZIMM, you get solutions that have gone through thousands of tests and trials, not to mention solutions that have already convinced well-known machine builders and industrial companies in countless industries. Most of all, we care about giving you the best tools in the industry, delivering exemplary delivery reliability, and supporting you with a human touch.

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