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 Professional agent of multinational factory automation, roll-to-roll, and transmission related products

Roll-to-roll Solution Center


strong company from1970years since its founding50Over the years, along the way, in line with the basic principles of the enterprise: safety and profit, we have developed an integrated multi-corner business model, and provided bundled solutions to customers in various industries.

The company is divided into three divisions:

  • FA Factory Automation Division, specialized in promoting MitsubishiPLC,HMI, servo motor and inverter

  • R2R The roll-to-roll department provides integrated solutions for coil tension control, edge correction, slitting/winding, precision rollers, static control, surface dust removal, and ink viscosity control, etc.

  • tm The transmission department focuses on the motion control of conveying and lifting, and provides diversified products.

In addition, we are also committed to developing a more complete product line and providing complete sales integration services.



years of professional experience






North/Central/South Company


FA Factory Automation Division

Factory automation is the future mainstream of enterprises, so the market has invested heavily in automation solutions and information processing to achieve modern production. With the industry 4.0 In the advancement of technology, cooperation with technology leaders has become a key success factor. Mitsubishi Electric is a market leader in key industries and has a long history in servo motors, inverters,PLC and HMIAdvanced technology is incorporated into the products and programmed using common tools to provide superior engineering productivity.

R2R Roll-to-Roll Sector

Production and processing of flexible materials through roll-to-roll processing, including tension control, edge correction, slitting, winding, vision system, static electricity, surface dust removal and ink viscosity, etc. From electronic devices, solar panels, thin-film batteries to fuel cells, reagent-coated textiles, and medical or scientific equipment, optimize roll-to-roll processes by automating and interacting with each system.

TM Transmission Division

It is applied to each workstation in the manufacturing process and needs to be connected. Including lifting control: crane and elevator. Conveying control: geared motor and related reducer. Special reducer and brake for mechanical arm. And put forward professional suggestions for customer equipment development and design and manufacturing. Provide the most economical and efficient planning solutions for various industries.


main partner

Mitsubishi Electric's "Automated World" creates a better future for all.

Industry-leading center for roll-to-roll solutions. 


 Made in the UK, the world's leading manufacturer of static control, air flow technology and surface dust removal systems.


 Made in Japan, specializing in the design and manufacture of harmonic gearboxes and gear element sets, and precision servo actuators.  



Company Profile

  • 1970Founded

    Powerful moving machine was founded in August Exclusive agent Mitsubishi cable electric crane
  • 1972branch expansion

    Established Kaohsiung and Taichung branch offices
  • 1982, 1983New partner, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

    Exclusive agent for Mitsubishi electromagnetic brake/clutch and tension controller, and established strong trade.
    Mitsubishi Inverter Programmable Controller
  • 1988New partner, FIFE / MAXCESS.

    Exclusive agent of FIFE edge correction device and static observer, professional agent of Erye chain crane in the same year
  • 1989, 1990, 1992Expanded product line, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

    Sole agent, Mitsubishi gear reduction motor
    Professional agent, Mitsubishi crane motor and AC brake
    Professional agent, Mitsubishi AC servo motor
  • 1997New partner, TIDLAND / MAXCESS.

    Exclusive agent for Tidland slitting round knife automatic arrangement equipment and air shaft, air chuck
  • 2007New partner, TANDLER.

    Exclusive agent for Tandler reducer differential, cross steering gear
  • 2016New partner, ZIMM.

    Exclusive agent for Zimm jack linear guides
  • 2019New partner, WATT / WEG.

    Exclusive agent for Watt/WEG geared motors
  • 2022New partner, Reymak Sthill.

    Exclusive agent for Reymak Sthill slip rings

Service base


Taipei company

No. 228, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, 100

(02) 2381-5195
Fax: (02) 2381-0663


Taichung Company

No. 131, Wuquan 7th Street, Taichung City 403

Fax: (04)2372-5703

Kaohsiung Company

5F-2, No. 288-6, Xinya Road, Kaohsiung City 806

(07) 815-2727
Fax: (07)815-0101